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Spring soap making

This year Quebec is in luck, because spring has arrived early. We've just enjoyed our first warm weekend and the snow is melting fast. The gorgeous sunshine is providing me with the energy to add a new page to my new website and start a blog. Soap making inspiration is all around too. Easter window displays are full of pastel colours and the melting snow is allowing patches of grass (admittedly brown) to appear which bring the premonition of things to come : crocuses, tulips, daffodils... all my favourite flowers. So it's time to let creativity flow and combine all the beautiful natural colours I've been experimenting with and produce some spring inspired soaps. Even more inspiration comes from the music I'm listening too with the discovery of a new release of the Altan album Local Ground. Altan | The Official SIte

It just makes me want to hop and skip around the soap kitchen, but I'll keep the dancing for when I've finished today's soap!

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